[ RadSafe ] RE: radsafe april fools' joke

Shawn Hughes (Road2) srh at esper.com
Sun Apr 1 11:41:40 CDT 2007

I think that was about the best post I've seen since I've been here. 

What an intelligent way to raise awareness, cause some self-reflection (come
on now, *some* of you had to wonder if you were on the banned list), and
have a little fun at the same time. Few would have paid attention to the
strained plea of someone else to try and post something of use, or at least
post SOMETHING. But all of you have taken notice; albeit taking the threat
of the demise of the listserve, to realize what an asset this truly is.

I for one appreciate the poke, whoever you are, Radiant, and I will try to
remember to rise above my own pettiness and strive to use this scientific
list for the purposes the founder intended!

And, in closing, did anyone else notice that although one of the main
reasons to close the board down was rampant replying with the whole digest,
more than half of the responders have chosen to continue to do so?

Best regards to all, the posters, the flamers AND the lurkers! 


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