[ RadSafe ] "The Depleted Uranium Scam" Hawaii

Blaine Howard blainehoward at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 13:42:39 CDT 2007

Dear Jim,
  Thank you for the link to this story.  I had just
sent an email on the subject to Senator Orin Hatch's
office since there is a bill (HR 207) before our
current congress.  It doesn't look like it is going
anywhere, but we have to confront these people before
they make any more inroads.  I had sent a copy of my
effort to expose their false claims which I am
attaching but this article is so much better that I
immediately sent the link of to Senator Hatch's
  Thank you for your efforts,
Blaine N. Howard, Health Physicist, retired
Hyrum, Utah
Phone: 435-245-4336
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