[ RadSafe ] Radon pCi/l to mRem/hr

Min Sook Kim msk02 at health.state.ny.us
Fri Apr 6 07:28:29 CDT 2007

There is a perfect program for this task. The software name is Rad Toolbox.
It can be downloaded from http://ordose.ornl.gov/downloads.html. Click the
"Decay Data" box from the menu when running the program. Hope this helps.

Min-Sook Kim, Ph.D.
Bureau of  Water Supply Protection
New York State Department of Health
E-Mail : msk02 at health.state.ny.us
TEL: (518) 402-7650

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Need a little help.
I recently tested my home for radon gas using a commercially available
passive alpha-track detector. Results were reported in picocuries per
liter. I would like to convert this to millirem per year. Can some one
point me in the right direction to find the formula for this?

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