[ RadSafe ] Salsman's effort to stifle debate

Eddie Selden eselden at pti-sys.com
Fri Apr 6 09:31:50 CDT 2007

Hello, Sandy,

I agree with you completely, though I would couch my opinion of Mr.
Salsman's actions in stronger terms: perfidious, cowardly, despicable - in
fact, I have difficulty choosing the most forceful words for describing and
condemning what Salsman did.

To use information from this forum to threaten or endanger a list member's
employment or professional standing is beneath contempt - a very accurate
example of "cheap shot."  What is said on this list is understood to be the
experiences and opinions of its members, and not usually a reflection or
representation of anyone's employer - nor typically is what we say here any
business of our employers.  And, though it sometimes makes for rough and
tumble speech, I am grateful that we are not shackled here by the chains of
any form of political correctness.

Mr. Salsman is free, like anyone else, to express his opinions on Radsafe.
When he takes steps to harm another list member, I would argue that he
should lose the privileges of belonging to this community.

We are known by what we say and by what we do.  We have long known what
Salsman believes; now we know what type of man he is.


Eddie Selden
PTI Systems

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There have been some pretty "low blows" on Radsafe since its inception back
in 1993, but Mr. Salsman's letter to your CEO is the lowest of the low! It
is apparently "a shot across the bow", an effort to stifle dialogue. Mr.
Salsman obviously expects that your CEO will require you to "cease and
desist" from all further communications to a member listserver. Perhaps he
believes that your position would be terminated. There is no other
justification for Mr. Salsman's comment requesting that he have the
opportunity to discuss your comments. Actions such as this are the very
reasons that many contributors refuse to provide any information regarding
their personal or professional affiliations. I think any further dialogue
with Mr. Salsman is futile. He has never answered any of the reasonable
questions posed to him by both Steve Dapra and yourself, as well as others.
He could be coined Mr. Teflon. 

I hope that your CEO will ask you about the letter he received, and, based
on your reputation in the professional community, he will understand that
the letter from Mr. Salsman is not worth responding to.

All the best!


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What do you suppose James Salsman intended to achieve by sending this
message, below, to the CEO of my employer, and sending me a copy at the same
time ?
Is this supposed to be a personal threat ?
What next ? ...Molotov cocktails or Anthrax-filled letters ?


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From: James Salsman [mailto:jsalsman at gmail.com] 
Sent: 2007 Apr 05 6:10 PM 
Subject: public comment concern 

Robert Van Adel 
President and Chief Executive Officer 
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited 

Dear Mr. Van Adel: 

In reply to my comments during a discussion of the health effects of 
depleted uranium, one of your employees made this comment: 

> I don't think this anti-DU thing really has anything to do with health 
> effects -- Its all about keeping tyrants like Slobodan Milosevich, 
> Sadam Hussein, the Taliban, etc., in power. 
-- http://lists.radlab.nl/pipermail/radsafe/2007-April/006254.html 

I would like to discuss this with you at your earliest convenience. 
Please phone me at +1-650-793-0162.  Thank you. 


James Salsman 

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