[ RadSafe ] Radon pCi/l to mRem/hr

Bernard L. Cohen blc+ at pitt.edu
Fri Apr 6 10:43:03 CDT 2007

Very roughly, a person living in a house with radon level of 1.3  pCi/L 
(the U.S. average) gets a whole body equivalent dose of about 200 
mrem/year according to NCRP, about 100 mrem/year according to UNSCEAR, 
and about 70 mrem/year according to ICRP. These numbers are about 15 
years old, so things may have changed. Naomi Harley of NYU is the expert 
on this..

cobdw at tds.net wrote:

>Need a little help. 
>I recently tested my home for radon gas using a commercially available passive alpha-track detector. Results were reported in picocuries per liter. I would like to convert this to millirem per year. Can some one point me in the right direction to find the formula for this?
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