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For radioactive materials licensees in the U.S. (i.e., those industrial,  
academic and medical users), the guidance documents become reasonably  
prescriptive, in order to provide comprehensive guidance to the wide variety of  
applicants that bring many, very different levels of experience with  them.  I don't 
see that it hurts to have people commit to  some "common sense" restrictions.  
One generally must also commit  to prohibiting smoking in these use areas, 
pursuant to the guidance.   Again, it's not in regulation.
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I might now again be politically uncorrect and therefore my mail might  not
be forwarded to the list - but you will receive it anyway: 

What  about "common sense"? Does it really need regulations to prohibit
eating  and drinking in areas where open source radionuclides are used? What
about  smoking? 

It should not be too difficult to solve this "no"-problem.  

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