[ RadSafe ] RE: radsafe Digest, Vol 88, Issue 11

Jim Hoerner jim_hoerner at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 9 19:56:25 CDT 2007

>From: "Jaro" <jaro-10kbq at sympatico.ca>

>What do you suppose James Salsman intended to achieve by sending this 
>message, below, to the CEO of my employer, and sending me a copy at the 
>same time ?

Hello, Jaro.

I'm not sure what he intended to achieve, but I suspect that if your CEO 
takes the time to review a few of your posts or speak with JS, you'll be up 
for a raise.  :-)

Best regards,

Hold the door for the stranger behind you. When the driver in the adjacent 
lane signals to get over, slow down. Smile and say "hi" to the folks you 
pass on the sidewalk. Give blood. Volunteer.

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