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I forgot to add other ways to cut down.


1.    You didn't mention whether those using 32P are wearing both whole body
and extremity. You could just go with extremity finger rings for those

2.    You didn't mention your monitoring period. If you are currently
monthly, you could consider quarterly or some other extended frequency. I
don't recall if Utah is an Agreement State and has adopted annual dose
limits, or you are still on quarterly dose limits. If you are on quarterly,
then that would be your maximum wear period.




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If you're not seeing any dose, or all doses are below 100 mrem/yr, area

TLDs should suffice to provide the same level of liability protection.

Just follow your regulations--only badge anyone likely to exceed 100

mrem/yr (or whatever your current regulation is). If the legal

department insists on badging everyone, take it out of their existing

budget as a "legal expense."



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