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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
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A significant number of victims of the atomic bombing
died from combined injuries, e.g., simultaneous burns
and radiation exposures.  I worked at a military
research facility where dural effects were extensively


Many of the first responders at Chernobyl suffered
from burns as well as radiation exposures.  

--- Rainer.Facius at dlr.de wrote:

> "Many of the approximately 210,000 people who died
> in the immediate aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
> were victims of ARS."
> The above quote from Smith's laudable and
> professional attempt to evaluate radiation risks
> relative to other frequent health risks could be
> read as to perpetuate a frequent misunderstanding.
> Among the immediate victims, at least 85% but
> possibly up to 95% were killed by the purely
> conventional effects of the explosion, i.e., by
> heat, fire, pressure, injuries from tumbling
> building materials etc. Only the remainder lost
> their lives due to the acute radiation syndrome. Of
> course in absolute terms these still are (too) many,
> yet only a minor fraction of the total loss.
> BTW, the total number of late cancer deaths assigned
> to the radiation exposure of the about 80000
> RERF-ATB survivors amounts to (recently) less than
> 600 in the 60(!!!) years of follow-up.
> Rainer

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