[ RadSafe ] Civil Defense Fallout Shelter Planning Reborn

Civildefense2002 at aol.com Civildefense2002 at aol.com
Sat Apr 14 20:51:56 CDT 2007


I thought the following  story on Huntsville, Alabama's renewed Community 
Shelter Planning program would  be of interest to the list - especially to those 
involved with emergency  preparedness. I personally believe it is a 
long-overdue step in the right  direction. I hope other cities and FEMA follow their 

Just a  quick disclaimer: the "news" organization which wrote the article 
certainly has  an agenda, and has so on many issues. However, no one else seems 
to be covering  this  story.


Respectfully  submitted,

Nick Studer, NREMT-P 

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