[ RadSafe ] Meat and two neutrons -- the key to a longer life...

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Too bad humans are not fish.  Biology is not like
physics.  All systems, like frames of reference, are
not equal.  The farther you go down in biological
complexity, the less the results compare to humans.

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> Hi John,
> But of course we know that extensive data confirm
> that LDR does enhance health in mammals! :-)
> And exposures of hundreds of thousands of fish
> showed dramatic effects in lifespan and health.
> Regards, Jim
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> John
> Good point. I remember old experiments on the
> sensitivity of fish eggs in 
> the Ottawa river around AECL's CRNL labs. Radiation
> was shown to increase 
> the "viability" of the eggs but we said that this
> could not be applied to 
> mammals.
> John
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