[ RadSafe ] RE: Turn off nuclear power, environmentalists urge

Flanigan, Floyd Floyd.Flanigan at nmcco.com
Mon Apr 16 11:17:59 CDT 2007

Sorry folks ... can't take it anymore ... reaching for soapbox,
aaannnddd ... WHAT??!! They're SQUIRRELS for crying out loud. I can see
having a healthy respect for the environment ... I've got one of those
myself ... got it for Christmas back in 1972 ... Loved it ... Use it
frequently ... BUT ... you have to draw the line somewhere. How far out
of your way you travel should be directly proportionate to the impact a
species has on the big picture. Yup ... squirrels are cute as all
get-out. The scurry. That's a major factor in their general popularity.
And ground squirrels ...? They bear a striking resemblance to Chip and
Dale, that loveable, wacky duo ala Walt Disney ... But they do really
bad things to my lawn every summer. They have a series of tunnels dug
through and around my property which is akin to the Viet Kong networks
of years gone by. My cat (a large Himalayan named Max) catches and eats
one of them on occasion. When he does this, I scratch his ears and tell
him he's a good kitty. 

Fishkills, Raptor shredding windmills, displaced owls ... Bite me.

An ill wind can blow enough maple leaves into a body of water to kill
ALL of the fish in it. I don't see PETA or any of their ilk, lobbying
for the eradication of trees.

Raptors eat ... get this ... other Raptors on occasion. More often than
windmills eat Raptors. So ... eradicate the Raptors because they're
eating ... the Raptors ... ? Wrap your mind around that one and see if
you don't end up in the fetal position after a few hours, mumbling
nonsensically to yourself in some dark corner.

Displaced owls ... Forest fires have been doing that since before there
were humans around to champion such a ridiculous cause.

Here it is in a nutshell:

Animals ... nature in general ... all of it is very important and we are
the custodians (notice I did not use "Masters") of it all. It says so in
a really popular book. No getting out of it. BUT ... If hooking a cute
little bunny rabbit up to a car battery will somehow help us find a cure
for some horrible disease and save one child from an anguishing death 10
years from now ... if doing such a horrible thing would give us the
ability to lighten the load on senior citizens so they don't have to
choose between paying their power bill or eating cat food for another
week ... If hooking up that poor bunny rabbit will in some way improve
the human condition in some way ... I have only two things to say: The
red clamp is positive. The black clamp is negative ... go for the ears
... you'll get a better connection that way.

Floyd W. Flanigan B.S.Nuc.H.P.
Sr. Analyst

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Here's an article from 2001 you should enjoy. They had to cut back the
size to avoid endangering ground squirrels.

Jack Earley
Health Physicist

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