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Ed Hiserodt hise at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 17 14:46:51 CDT 2007

Can't you just see the terrorists riding off into the Nevada desert with
spent fuel assemblies tied to their camel saddlebags on the way to a secret
reprocessing plant where they can chemically separate the Pu240-contaminated
Pu239 to make dud bombs.  Or maybe they'll use an IED to blow up spent fuel
containers designed to withstand a collision with a freight train.

Mixing diesel fuel with ammonium nitrate or strapping explosives to children
and sending them into a crowded store is so much easier.

Ed Hiserodt

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And you thought Floyd's comments were politically incorrect . . . ?

"I am told by FBI and others that some of the information about nuclear
waste shipments have appeared on many Arab and other terrorist-type Web
sites" said Bob Loux, executive director of Nevada's Agency for Nuclear
Projects, speaking to the Sparks NV city council on Monday (AP

Jack Earley
Health Physicist
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