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Daer Mr Stewart Farber,

Estimating the probability and consequences of  weird accidents conjured up effortlessly is a skill which can be developed easily. Mr John Dunster (NRPB) once calculated the maximum permisible volume of coffee one can drink safely every day as half a cup. He used conservative assumptions. If I recall correctly he published it in the Health Physics; he was then News Editor of Health Phys. Satire has a place in every field


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Hello all,

For those who requested a copy of my earlier  LOBA [Loss of Blade Accident]
satire, and asked that it be posted to radsafe, it is copied below. If
anyone is not interested in this subject, just delete this email and save
flaming for barbecuing your steaks this summer.

As background to this satire which I authored and published in 1982, The
Providence [RI] Evening Bulletin published a "News in Brief" article on Dec.
31st, 1981, which in its entirety read exactly as noted below:


"BOULEVARD, Calif. (UPI) --The owner of a Pennsylvania windmill a
manufacturing company may have been struck and killed by a windmill blade at
a "wind farm."
Sheriff's Sgt. Curt Ring said Terrence Mehrkam, 34, was found dead yesterday
at the base of the 40-foot high, electricity-generating windmill at the
Buckeye Wind Farm in eastern San Diego County. "It appears the
victim.....was either struck by a loose blade or fell due to the vibration
of the tower when the blade broke free," Ring said. ".............

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