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Here is a nice who's who of anti-nuclearism and the latest tome from Busby .. with his previous reporting, I highly doubt that he really merits the honorific of Doctor .. you not only need the Doctoral Degree but also respect to merit the honorific.  I am interested in all of you who know Busby and his efforts to make himself seem more important than his actual research would merit.

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Can folk circulate this please amongst the movement and networks just come out, a smashing book and timely also. Cheers
Davey Garland (pandora DU research project) 

Wolves of Water     
  The sequel to Wings of Death  
 (go to http://www.llrc.org/  for full details) 

        This is a book about corporate responsibility as it is applied to national governments. Part biography, part textbook, part warning, part entertainment and part celebration of life, it is an account of what happens when we take on the might of the nuclear / military lobby using the methods of science and epidemiology. 
Most of all it is a message to the planet and its inhabitants to take control of the policy/science interface before the products of science and scientific ways of thinking destroy us all. 
The author is an international expert on radiation and health, a Fellow of the University of Liverpool, member of two UK government committees, expert witness in radiation court cases, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, science policy leader of the EU Policy Information Network for Child Health and Environment (PINCHE). 
This book provides evidence that radioactive pollution has killed and is killing hundreds of thousands of people through cancer and other diseases. It dissects the working of the official radiation risk committees and establishment using analysis, photocopied documents, letters, leaked minutes and personal statements. It reveals that at the highest levels there is a long-running and continuing cover-up of the cause of the present cancer epidemic. 
 Published by Green Audit, Aberystwyth, UK     ISBN 1 897761 26 0 
Price £12 / Euro20  
Order direct from the publishers: Email christo at greenaudit.org. 
Review copies may be requested from Dr. Busby at Green Audit.  
 LLRC has produced an index for the book. Click on this link   

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