[ RadSafe ] Sellafield scandal revisited Any news associated with radioactivity any time is breaking news

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Any news associated with radioactivity any time is breaking news!

Press has a penchant to make any "scandal" more telling than it realy is! Particularly if it has some association with radioactivity! If the association is with plutonium, polonium etc and I suspect anything ending with "ium",  it will be projected by both visual and print media. 

Over the years I  realized that if you want  to get any news published add a bit of radioactivity in the news.

Those who are inquisitive may  look up the following links:








http://www.xdot.in/view/21117/   (This news item had a picture of skull smoking!)


When the Rusian spy died of polonium poisoning, I used the opportunity to project my anti-smoking views. I was particularly irritated because many of my friends who were enforcing safety nation wide were heavy smokers 


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Roy, yes. as the link shows, the British Press is focusing on many of the issues since 1960. Many in the public probably weren't old enough then to recall the details. So, for these individuals, this is new information, and forms the opinions of many of these individuals. The British Press is interesting to watch. The Observer and The Guardian both have an agenda, that also exists in the US in many news outlets.


Sandy Perle

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