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Rainer et al.,

Nice to hear, that you agree with my considerations, you understand them
probably due to a "European" background. 

I cannot help it that comments of mine on RADSAFE are not met by 100% of the
RADSAFE community with agreement, neither are yours. Visiting many
international conferences (like the one I am attending in Vienna right now)
I have met an incredible number of people who told me that they appreciate
my comments on RADSAFE and I met probably even more, who explained to me why
they unsubscribed from RADSAFE and I can tell you, that I can only agree
with them. If RADSAFE wasn't such a valuable source of information also I
would have unsubscribed since long. I cannot avoid to raise my voice if I
think I can contribute to the discussion. 

I do not comment on RADSAFE to please anybody. I put forward my opinions, I
try to transfer knowledge and to keep contact with the world of radiation
protection. If there is an opinion contrary to mine - ok, welcome, let's
discuss it. 

This message was sent at app. 6:30 pm European Summer Time. Since it has to
undergo censorship - sorry, politically correct is "monitoring" - you might
receive it several days later, like to original message. This censorship -
sorry: "monitoring" - is humiliating, especially when thinking of what
flamings I have received over RADSAFE, including a few weeks ago a message
putting me close to Adolf Hitler (born in Austria). If Marcel Schouwenburg
wants to ban me from the list, he should do it directly. Many years ago
there was an obviously concerted action of some US hardliners who wanted to
ban me from the list - it was refused by the unforgettable Melissa, who told
me that she liked my contributions, because they were livening up the

Best regards,


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"To use the ridiculous term of  'educating the public', preferably by
sending answers to papers etc. is of no use."

" ...I can only say that any 'education of the public' could only occur by
the government. [However] ]Political considerations are opposed to such
activities ... " 




one of the - unfortunately not too many - comments of yours that I really
enjoyed - and to the most part - subscribe.


Best regards, Rainer 


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I do not understand, what is so exiting about this article of an "africana
student" about Iraq and DU. He just made a "literature survey" about this
topic in the US (!!) newspapers. He furthermore added some comments about
the Iraq war and related issues about the US arsenal of nuclear bombs (to be
separated from the DU issue), which can be read at least in those US (!!)
newspapers I use to read on the internet and which I regard as being right
on the topic of the war in Iraq.

Any student, whether "africana", "philology", "egyptiology" etc. can make
such a compilation. Greenpeace shows us, how easily their "expertises" can
be distributed on the mass media. We have in Austria obviously hundreds of
Greenpeace "experts" ranging from "Greenpeace expert on whaling" (very
important for the huge fleet of Austrian whaling boats!), Greenpeace experts
on seals hunting, Greenpeace experts on genetically modified plants,
Greenpeace experts on kloning technologies, Greenpeace experts on renewable
energy and of course Greenpeace experts on nuclear energy as well as on
radiation protection. On the other hand Greenpeace Austria is complaining
about a lack of about 600 kEuro (approximately 1 million US$) already in
this year. Those experts are usually young persons, who have studied one or
two years in a "relevant field" and then dropped out. Mass media do not
question their expertise - because mass media simply need the news to raise
the adrenaline level of readers in order to raise their sales.

To complain about those obvious nonsensical news on massmedia is in my
opinion not enough. To use the ridiculous term of "educating the public",
preferably by sending answers to papers etc. is of no use.

Having been for an unfortunate and unsatisfying five-years period a
"regulator" in Austria and having been involved actually decades before that
in the debate on nuclear power in Austria I can only say that any "education
of the public" could only occur by the government. Political considerations
are opposed to such activities in most countries and in my own country
(Austria) the relevant webpage of my former Ministry deals with the
"anti-nuclear politics of Austria". Sorry to say, but it might be necessary
that electricity supply would have to break down in order to demonstrate the
dependency on electricity - sorry, not correct, this would be reported in
the news media as blackmail of the Nuclear Lobby.

Once again, what is so annoying of this article? We face similar ones every
day. I hope I do not need to mentions persons like Rokke, etc. etc. m

Best regards,


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