[ RadSafe ] Re: NRC says new nuclear plants should be plane-proof

Olsen, Peter C pcolsen at wch-rcc.com
Thu Apr 26 13:54:37 CDT 2007

It would seem to me that the only way to capture the country's'
attention and dispel the fear of what a large plane would do if it hit a
NPP containment is to actually DO IT.  There are several
empty-yet-complete containments that could be utilized in the US.  Three
here at Hanford itself, one each in the 300, 400. and 600 areas.  More
in Idaho.  Since two of these at Hanford are in locations where there
will be nothing left after the D&D but rubble and "taken to grade", why
not have a spectacular media event and fly a 747 into one of these??


My understanding is that only the engines might have the ability to
penetrate the containment shell, and now because they are being
manufactured with lighter and lighter components for efficiency sake, I
think it would prove that nothing has changed in the 30 years since the
first round of NRC modeling using the old 707 was performed.  Even if
the engines are 2-3X larger than the old P&W design.  Of course the
public is never going to believe a model.  Let's give 'em the real


Why not suggest this to DOE, notwithstanding that if it did fail, it
would be the quickest and cheapest D & D ever?  Can't lose......


Peter Olsen, MS, CHP (inactive)


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