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Otto and other Rasdsafers

We shouldn't forget about Th-Nat->U-233. It can  capture a neutron to go to 
Th-233 (half life ~22 min.) which decays to Pa-233 ((half life ~22 days) and 
U-233  (half life ~162000years). I think this is better than U-Nat-> Pu-239.

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>>Nuclear power will save the world, UN scientists  claim
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> April 30, 2007
> More importantly, nuclear power and hydrogen fuel cells can save us from 
> crippling dependance on global oil. We already have all the fissile 
> material  (Pu-239) and breeder material (DU) to build another 100 nuclear 
> plants in the U.S.  With plentiful electricity we can make hydrogen by 
> hydrolysis. Hydrogen fuel-cell powered motor vehicles emit only water, so 
> out health threatening air pollution problem will be eliminated.  Oil 
> dependence can be reduced and eventually eliminated.
> When I mention these facts in polite company the usual response is. "But 
> what about Chenobyl?" and "What are we going to do with the waste?"
> We know these are bogus questions, but we need to do a better job of 
> educating the public and the politicians.
> Otto
> P.S. The small increase in average global temperature from 1970 to 2000 
> (about one degree Fahrenheit) is correlated perfectly with increased 
> radiant energy from the sun over which we have no control.
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