[ RadSafe ] Re: NRC says new nuclear plants should be plane-proof

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Mon Apr 30 17:26:46 CDT 2007

'Kin I fly it? Golly, what an experience, but I'd leave Dog behind. 
Then, we'd share a steak dinner afterwards. <g>
Slid down the banister, hopped on his horse, and rode off in all four 
directions -- my kind of pilot!
Doug Aitken wrote:

> At 01:54 PM 4/26/2007, Olsen, Peter C wrote:
>> It would seem to me that the only way to capture the country's' 
>> attention and dispel the fear of what a large plane would do if it 
>> hit a NPP containment is to actually DO IT.  There are several 
>> empty-yet-complete containments that could be utilized in the US.  
>> Three here at Hanford itself, one each in the 300, 400. and 600 
>> areas.  More in Idaho.  Since two of these at Hanford are in 
>> locations where there will be nothing left after the D&D but rubble 
>> and "taken to grade", why not have a spectacular media event and fly 
>> a 747 into one of these??
> Do we get to chose the passengers?
> Please?
> ;~)
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