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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 14:22:49 CST 2007

Because increased white cell counts do not imply
appendicitis.  They source of the infection may be
from another site in the body.  Pain in the lower
right abdomen can have other causes, like
diverticulitis, etc.,

--- Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> wrote:

> Nov. 28, 2007
>          According to an Associated Press report,
> the authors of a "Current 
> Concepts" review article on CT scans in the New
> England Journal of Medicine 

>          A few of my own comments:
>          Why are CT scans being used to diagnose
> appendicitis in 
> children?  Why not do white blood cell counts; and
> do what is called 
> "letting up" on the patient's abdomen?  (Those who
> have been "let up" on 
> will know what I mean.)

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