AW: [ RadSafe ] AAPM Response to NEJM article on CT scans andcancerrisk

John Jacobus crispy_bird at
Sun Dec 2 13:49:39 CST 2007

In medicine, as politics, where there is money there
is crime. Cynical, but true.  One of the issues that I
believe is the new Medicare bill is the restriction of
reimbursement to physicians who own labs they refer
patients to.

--- Sandy Perle <sandyfl at> wrote:

> John,
> Your points are valid as well. As you know, I was
> referring to the medical establishment requiring
> many tests where no evidence exists indicating a
> need for the tests. That is due to concern of
> malpractice litigation in the event a condition
> isn't diagnosed.
> As you mention, the public shoud not be able to
> request side-walk medical exams, as they can now.
> Physician prescription should be required.
> Physicians simply placing $$$ ahead of sound medical
> judgement.
> Sandy 

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." -- Sir Winston Churchill

-- John
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