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As that great American philosopher, Rosanna Rosannadanna so eloquently
put it; "It's always something.  If it's not one thing, it's another." 

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These solar heated homes had very elevated radon levels, altho' I don't
have the values at my fingertips. However, it showed how elevated radon
can turn up in situations where it is not expected even in "green"
situations like a solar heated home using heat storage rock reservoirs
releasing radon into a very tight, energy efficient home. The elevated
radon in solar homes using heat storage reservoirs was not restricted to
private homes. In one case, I was able to arrange for DOE's EML to get
into a multi-story condo complex built using forced hot air solar
storage,  as a DOE Solar Development Group project. Elevated radon
levels were measure by DOE Environmental Measurement Lab throughout the
condo complex. The DOE Solar Development Group did not want to
cooperated with DOE's EML because measuring radon in a solar home was so
unsettling to program administrators, and the Solar Development side of
DOE dragged its feet for over a year before it would let measurments be

This increased dose to a resident from the increase in radon in a forced
air solar system would exceed the average dose received by a member of
the general public from nuclear power plant releases and operation by a
very, very wide margin [many orders of magnitude in WBDE].

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