[ RadSafe ] Am-241 and INCINERATORS

Sandy Perle sandyfl at cox.net
Wed Dec 5 14:07:38 CST 2007

Hello George,

It's apparent that many companies are now refusing taking the detectors back
(as commented here in the list). My previous detectors were sent back, but
that was years ago. If you search "disposal of smoke detector" you note many
references that state it is appropriate to return to manufacturer and not
dispose of in trash, landfills, etc.



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NOTE: This is a technical discussion, having nothing to do with what is 
"good" or "bad' for humans or the environment or the discussion of the 
merits of using or not using smoke detectors.

Sandy, I wonder if you can quote such a request. My information (this is in 
the USA) is that the manufacturers Will take them back, but do not *request*

that you send them back. They tell the user ( call customer service at BRK 
or Universal)) to throw them in the trash.

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