[ RadSafe ] Recommendations for ion chamber survey instrument

Carl Willis willis.219 at osu.edu
Wed Dec 5 18:47:37 CST 2007

Hello RadSafers,

The small accelerator company I work with is looking to buy an ion chamber survey instrument that has fairly flat exposure response down to ~10 keV, to be used for area surveys around pulsed, low-energy x-ray-producing accelerator components.  I have some personal experience with a few of the older instruments (Victoreen 470, 471; Eberline RO-3) but am probably underinformed about the contemporary selection.  Thus, I'm interested in users' recommendations, and also am interested if there are any dealers with used but functional equipment they want to mention to me off-list (email is willis.219 at osu.edu).

Some features of interest:
-Flat exposure response down to ~10 keV
-Integrating mode available
-Easy (inexpensive) to calibrate
-Preferably no hard-to-find bias batteries that we cannot just run out and buy at K-mart.

Carl Willis, Linac Systems LLC, Albuquerque, NM USA

Carl Willis
USDOE NE Graduate Fellow
The Ohio State University
(505) 412-3277
willis.219 at osu.edu

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