[ RadSafe ] Isotope shortage affects patients

Brunkow, Ward ward.brunkow at wipp.ws
Thu Dec 6 08:10:58 CST 2007

Having worked with most of the U.S. DOE, power utilities and some
medical/research reactors in the U.S., I would find it hard to believe
we get all our Tc99 from Canada. My last dose came out of Richmond,
Virginia and they acted like it was obtained somewhere on the Atlantic
Seaboard locally. It was obtained under a late request. University of
Missouri Reactor at Columbia I think has produced a lot of medical
isotopes in the U.S.   I know the Canadians have huge inventories of
Co60, that the world does rely on. 

W. G. (Ward) Brunkow

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Actually it has nothing to do with the Canadian health system. There is
one producer of Mo99 - the precursor of Tc99m - in the entire western
hemisphere. We normally have 15-20 doses waiting every morning when we
to work and more before 9 am - today we have had none! MDS Nordian
yesterday that the reactor would probably be done until the middle of


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>>> "Brunkow, Ward" <ward.brunkow at wipp.ws> 12/06/07 8:46 AM >>>
This is predictable. It goes with the Canadian health system. It appears
that Chalk River is one of the few places producing Tc99m up there. I
requested Tc99 the last time I had cardiac analysis from my Dr.  as I
in a nuclear facility and didn't' want to be radioactive for 3 weeks
in the place. I threw my Dr. for a loop, he thought I was an oncologist
something, but it was  not hard to get. It appears the Canadian govt.
compromised the medical radionuclide production process just as they
the socialized health care system. But Tec is a very short T1/2 and any
interruptions in a place like CR would definitely stop the availability
it. They just need many other facilities that can produce it, like we do
the U.S.   If there is a demand, as in any free market or private
why not be producing plenty of it...but again their govt. is running
health care system...there you go. 


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