AW: [ RadSafe ] Isotope shortage affects patients

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Gary, others and especially Marcel,

This posting is in my opinion absolutely unacceptable. It is in line with
the Nazi concept of "unworthy life" and euthanasia. Concepts like "market
driven" are a slap into the face of anybody faced with such questions. Our
elders should not be subjected to the "brutal truth" which beats an "old

What your unacceptable words have to do with radiation is not understandable
- but your whole message is not only not understandable but a shame!

Marcel, I have been put under monitoring for a rather long time because of
rather harmless controversies with some US hardliners - but this message
goes undetected and the author is not accordingly monitored? 

With all my distain for such a message


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On the other hand, every single person sooner or later comes to a time when
no amount of 
money is enough to buy a life extension, regardless of how you divvy up the
costs.  That is 
true whether the price is market driven or regulated by the Fed.  Eventually
the question 
becomes: how much of your kids future will you sell off to keep your parents
around a bit 

In terms of what is optimal for society, I suspect that the brutal truth is
that a young vigorous 
populace beats an old retired society every time.

And Radiation! Yes, radiation is so relevant because ... because... nobody
wants a half life! 
Yeah, that's it. Its all about radiation.

-Gary Isenhower

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But never loose sight of the underlying assumptions of Free Market
theory, and that one of them is that at a market driven price some
people will not be able to afford what is for sale.  In a health care
system not being able to afford something often means death or
incapacitation, and even worse (from an economic POV) loss of
productivity.  This may well be sub-optimal for society at large, to
say nothing of the individual in question.
Gary Isenhower, M.S.

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