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Good to read your answer – but it would have been better if you had sent it
to the whole list. Since you sent your first comment to the whole list I
sent my comment of course to the whole list, as well that I send this one. 


I am very sensitive on this case, not only because of the history, but also
because in my country (Austria) health care costs are rising, but nobody
would ever dare to propose restrictions for the health care for elder
citizens. We have a system which obviously corresponds to the „social health
care system“ which has been critized before on RADSAFE. Nobody has ever
dared and sure would not want to propose that health care should be
restricted concerning elder citizens. Regarding the USA I am fairly
informed, but – sorry to the Iraq hardliners – the costs of the Iraq war
would probably be better used for health care. 


Thank you for the clarification!




Franz Schoenhofer, PhD

MinRat i.R.

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Hi Franz, 


You and I should both have sent our messages privately, rather than to the
list.  Marcel, sorry for the off topic post, truly!  Franz, sorry for any
implication in my message that old people should just die.  That's is not
what I meant.  May you (and the rest of us) live a long full life.  


Euthanasia may some day be commonplace, but my response to that would be
"over my dead body!!"  Seriously, I would be the first to condemn and the
last to accept such a system. I only wanted to point out that the resources
of the healthcare system are finite, but demands on the health care system
are limited only by death (or insurance companies). 


Marcel, far be it from me to complain if you choose to monitor or restrict
my posts.  I rarely have anything consequential to say.  I am just glad to
be able to read the posts, which have been very informative and enjoyable,
thanks to your support. 


-Gary Isenhower 


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Gary, others and especially Marcel, 


This posting is in my opinion absolutely unacceptable. It is in line 

with the Nazi concept of "unworthy life" and euthanasia. Concepts like 

"market driven" are a slap into the face of anybody faced with such 

questions. Our elders should not be subjected to the "brutal truth" 

which beats an "old society". 


What your unacceptable words have to do with radiation is not 

understandable - but your whole message is not only not understandable 

but a shame! 


Marcel, I have been put under monitoring for a rather long time 

because of rather harmless controversies with some US hardliners - but 

this message goes undetected and the author is not accordingly 



With all my distain for such a message 




Franz Schoenhofer, PhD 

MinRat i.R. 

Habicherg. 31/7 

A-1160 Wien/Vienna 



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