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I will assume you mean natural thorium. 5 uCi natural thorium exceeds the exempt consignment activity, but it may be classified as a limited quantity of radioactive material and shipped as UN2910 Radioactive Material, Excepted Package - Limited Quantity of Radioactive Material under the following conditions:

1. The check source or inner package containing the check source is marked RADIOACTIVE.
2. The package meets the general packaging standards 49 CFR 173.410.
3. The package is marked UN2910. If it is offered for air transport use the Radioactive Material - Excepted Package Label.
4. The radiation level on the surface of the package does not exceed 0.5 mrem per hour.
5. If offered for air transport enter on the air waybill - UN2910 Radioactive Material, Excepted Package - Limited Quantity of Radioactive Material.

This package may not be accepted by some air carriers to foreign countries.


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Would a 5 microcurie Thorium check source require any special shipping 
procedures within the USA? Would it need a "White I" label? Would it need 
to go "ground only"?


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