[ RadSafe ] Radiation Detection Equipment for sale

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Hi all,
>From my reading of the  posting guidelines for radsafe, the posting of the 
availability for sale of radiation monitoring instrumentation by private 
companies is not allowed. The present rules include: "Commercial postings 
and advertisements are not allowed."

Do members prefer this prohibition against commercial postings? Is it OK for 
a poster to ask the list if they have a piece of equipment which they may 
want to sell to a private commercial endeavor?

If the present rule against commercial postings and ads were not in place, I 
would have posted a large selection of everything from pocket direct reading 
dosimters, to probes, to linear accelerators which I own or broker. It seems 
pretty clear that the use of radsafe to offer specific items of equipment 
for sale by a commercial endeavor was not permitted.

N'est pas??

This is not a direct criticism of the post below by George Dowell, but a 
request for clarification and feedback from users.


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These are my personal units and I want to sell them to someone who will use 
them, not a dealer or reseller.

Ludlum Equipment:
All checked and *PULSE* calibrated on a Ludlum Model 500-2 digital pulser 
( where applicable). The
threshold and windows can be set per your requirements if requested.
All units listed have NO corrosion anywhere. Any cosmetic faults will be 
clearly indicated and full satisfaction
or money back.



9 low range ion chamber with sound.


12S microR meter with sound.




177- various versions.

2218 dual scaler/analyzer with stabilized 2" NaI(Tl) probe. Works with ANY 
probe too.





PYLON Equipment:

Lucas Cells
WLx ( needs new air pump)

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab
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