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"As a side note, there are quite a few Community Colleges that would be more
than happy to obtain a few, simple pieces of radiation monitoring /
measuring apparatus to supplement their meager funds to purchase "teaching"
instruments either in a physics, environmental sciences or a geology
program., Dan ii"

A few more endeavors going on at the moment>:

P.R. Steinmeyer has donated to NLNL several boxes of traded in older 
equipment. This is mostly
old Eberlines and items from that era. The project is to fix as many as I 
can and donate them to
classrooms for demonstration units. The un-fixable ones will go to tech 
schools for show-and-tell.

We are taking a few working Geiger Counters, adding probes and safe 
(vitrified) radiation samples along with a
suggested curriculum for high school and even grade school science teachers, 
as a loaner program. Mr. Wizard,  has a wonderful program for
children entitled "Everyday Radiation" and I was working with him to include 
a copy with the package, when he unfortunately passed away recently.

K. Lamson has donated about 300 books, the majority of his CHP library to 
NLNL site for a reading room. These
join my own modest library to create a pretty extensive reading room, which 
is made available to the several technical
schools and University Extensions in this region. Arrangements have been 
made to bequeathed the entire library to the
Las Vegas Test Site reading room at  the Frank H Rogers Science and 
Technology Building (also site of the Atomic Testing Museum), a
branch of the Smithsonian.

We've set up a modest website with Q&A's about basic radiation detection 
equipment and techniques, and recommended lab experiments for teachers:

And another one on the topic of Gamma Spectrum Analysis:

Articles and ideas for articles always welcome, submit to the author for 

We in the sciences will be responsible for encouraging the next generation 
of practitioners. Today's lower educational institutions, in my
opinion, stress sports and instant gratification careers over science 
careers (with many notable exceptions of course).

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics Lab

submit articles to:
GEOelectronics at netscape.com

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