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>I agree with Dan, I have been trying to find lucas cells for the past year. 
>I had a request on this list. As I look at it this was a response to my 
>request-it just took awhile.
> Celia
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Celia, I have a Lucas Cell (#41) hand made by Hank Lucas and a signed copy
of his 1957 presentation " Improved low level alpha scintillation counter
for radon.". NOT for sale!

Marcel told me some time ago that occasional personal sales of rad detection
items between individuals is allowed. This does not mean company-to-company
or broker/reseller ads. I happen to have a LOT of personal equipment because
it fascinates me and I'm always looking at how they work, then pass them

Because of this, I can report that there is NO single perfect
instrumentation package. Each specialty has a different need both in the
detector sensor and in the metering package. Cost, weight, size, and so on
are determining factors. Same goes for bench or lab gear. Fortunately, cost
aside, most anything desired IS readily available. When dealing with
isotopes, no matter what the main testing equipment comprises, I see no
situation where a trusty pancake probe and basic meter (e.g.  Model 3)
wouldn't be sitting close at hand. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. Some
of my Gamma probes are 4 feet long x 1.5 feet wide, and Neutron probes to
56" length (He3). When a particular system is updated, the former equipment
must go to make room. My problem here is the "Space-Time Conundrum". Not
enough space, not enough time.

George Dowell
New London Nucleonics lab

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