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I followed this thread, without commenting until now. Here comes a comment
which has nothing to do with nuclear safety, etc: I have already written
several times to RADSAFE that nuclear issues are not a case for science but
for politics. The story of Indian Point is another excellent confirmation of
my statement. When politicians have the results of an opinion research, that
opposing nuclear power will give them a few percent more votes for the next
election they will oppose it - and vice versa. This is not true only for the
USA but in all democracies and "pseudo democracies". Then they act according
to the wide spread political credo: "Don't disturb me with facts, I have
made up my mind." Also this is well proven in the case under discussion. 

Decisions about nuclear power involves hundreds of stakeholders and - sorry
to say - believe me that scientists are among the least important ones. The
desperate need of our society for energy and electricity is the only driving
force for a anticipated revival of nuclear energy, not the assurance of
scientists that nuclear power is safe.

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Here are a couple of Times articles to complement
the article posted by John Jacobus
regarding the opposition of the State of New York to
the extension of the operating
licenses for Indian Point Units 2 and 3.
The bald posturing by the State of New York
officials should be obvious to all.  The
State has a responsibility to protect its citizens. 
If State officials really
believe the plant should be shut down immediately,
they should take the action
necessary to do it.  To do anything less would be
irresponsible.  It is true that by
law only NRC can regulate for safety.  But
intervention in the NRC licensing is not
the only or even the best way for New York to shut
down the plants.  The sure way for
the State to succeed and to succeed in the most
timely manner is for the State to buy
the plants and shut them down.  An owner can shut
down a plant for any reason he
The idea of a state owning a nuclear power plant may
seem strange to some, but
precedent for this can be found quite close to this
case--on top of it, actually. 
Bizarre as it may seem, the State of New York owned
and operated Indian Point Unit 3,
one of the units it now believes should be shut down
immediately, until 2000, when it
sold the plant for hundreds of millions of dollars. 
(How responsible was that?)  The
State of New York sold the plant, and it can buy the
plant back.  And if it can buy
one, it can buy two.  To do anything less would be
irresponsible if state officials
believe their own statements.  They surely don't. 
Making those statements is simply
a different way of being irresponsible.
Thomas E. Potter   

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