[ RadSafe ] New attempt to phrase the question: surface emission rate DPM from 27 pCi Tc-99

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Fri Dec 14 15:28:17 CST 2007

Forgive my inexperience. One more attempt to phrase the question so it won't 
be misunderstood.

I have a 27 pCi Tc-99 test disc which is electroplated onto a stainless 
steel disc.

How many beta particles per minute are expected to leave the front surface 
of the disc?

Disregard self-absorption, half-life, counting error, confidence level, and
systematic error. Most of that has nothing to do with this calculation 

By knowing the expected beta emission rate, and then measuring the actual 
detected rate by the sensor, the
beta efficiency at the Tc-99 energy for that sensor can be calculated.

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 George Dowell
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