[ RadSafe ] surface emission rate,surface DPM from 27 pCi Tc-99

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Fri Dec 14 16:14:37 CST 2007

Franz says "RADSAFErs,

Is there anybody out there who knows this person, who wants to proof that
all those excellent experts on RADSAFE are idiots?????"

*Franz, you called them idiots, not I, not my intent or style, and you 
publicly posted private eMails. Shame. George

Franz says" There is no confusion, there is no problem in translation (I 
think and have
been assured by many hundreds of English native speakers that my English is
excellent). "

*Franz, it's not the words you use, it is the tone you use. George

Franz says:" The relation between the outdated, but in a few states in this
world (e.g. USA) still used "pCi" to the disintegrations per minute or
rather disintegration per second (Bq) is internationally fixed. "

*Franz, It's an old disc. George

Franz says:" There is a really terrible confusion by Mr KOFF (Finnish beer 
brand - short
for Synebrychoff). He seems not to know that DPM means "disintegration per
minute), which refers to the radioactive substance and is independent of any
"front working surface" (whatever this might be), any self absorption. It is
not related to any beta efficiency, not of any probe. "

*Franz, my name is George Dowell K0FF is something else. It is K-ZERO-FF.

The front working surface is the one on the other side of the back surface, 
which in this case does not work. George

Franz says:" Furthermore I would have hoped that Mr. KOFF knows the 
difference between
dpm (disintegrations per minute) and cpm (counts per minute). Obviously he
does not. "

*Franz, DPM or disintegrations per minute can be 2-pi steradian, or 1/2 of a 
sphere, or 4-pi steradian or both halves of a sphere.

DPM is determined by activity level multiplied by probability of emission 
for each radiation component of a nuclide. CPM is COUNTS per minute, which 
is derived as the product of source DPM, subtended angle, probe efficiency, 
and deadtime correction. CPM also has other meanings. George

Franz says:" Having worked more than thirty years on the determination of 
radionuclides I
can assure everybody, that there is no interest in "how many particles are
leaving the test disc, but the most important analytical question is, what
the efficiency (both chemical and counting) is in order to translate cpm
into dpm. Am I missing something? This is the task of radionuclide
determination since probably 100 years!!!! "

*Franz, yes you are missing the whole point of the measurement. Yes it does 
have uses. George

Franz says:" I would not be surprised if you would still not understand how 
silly your
question was and even more that you insist on your less than amateurish
opinion. I do not expect that you will refrain from those silly postings. I
do not hopte that you will bother RADSAFE in the future. "

*Franz, hope in one hand..............

I'm here to share what I can, but especially to learn. That is supossed to 
be, at least in part, the charter of this chat board. George

Best regards,


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
MinRat i.R.
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Wien/Vienna

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