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In the fall of 2007, I attended the local "Folk Life Festival" in Hannibal 
MO. It is a typical street
fair in a small rural town. Walking down the crowded street, my pocket rad 
scintillator alarm ( PM 1703M - check eBay) went off 3
different times. Twice the target was identified and it was of course a 
patient. We assume the 3rd one was as well. Next year
I will also take the GR-135 and identify the nuclide as well.

Ratio of 3 to maybe 1000 people seemed high at the time, especially given 
the very rural locale. This event took place on the
weekend, and our local hospital does the PET/CT (F-18)scans on Wednesdays 
only because there is no permanent facility, rather
a truck mounted mobile facility that serves the entire region. Tc-99 
procedures take place on a daily basis.

On the subject of treatment for radiation, the only one I want to comment on 
is the immediate treatment for tritium ingestion- a 6 pack of beer!

On the subject of KI pills for prophylactic treatment for the possibility of 
radioiodine exposure, the US Gov't does recognize the efficacy of the 
treatment, but recommends a safer, simpler and expedient method: Each person 
can dip their index finger into tincture of iodine up to the first joint 
only. This method automatically adjust the dosage to the persons size. 
Humans take a remarkably small amount of iodine, any extra is not 
beneficial. Find the appropriate FEMA recommendations for protocol.

for a very brief synopsis of treatments.

One more practical tip, if a lab mishap results in a skin splash of some 
radioactive agent, and EDTA RADIAC WASH is not available, use WINDEX to wash 
it off.

George Dowell

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>I don't think that this news account is just limited to New Zealand.  We 
>have had similar stories in the U.S. about patients setting off alarms at 
>airports following nuclear medicine therapies.  My guess New Zealand does 
>not have a lot of news to report.

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