[ RadSafe ] Litroenergy

Robert Barish robbarish at verizon.net
Sat Dec 15 15:03:09 CST 2007

The patent information on the "new" light source can be viewed at:


What is most interesting is the various blog postings about this material. Of particular interest is the posting of the company's engineer, Mr. Stark, who states unequivocally that the material contains no tritium or any other radiactive material, in contradictiction to both the patent description and any logic that we on RADSAFE (or at least I) can bring to this subject!

See, for example, Steve Stark's December 11th posts at:




where he emphatically denies the use of tritium or any radioactive material, despite the patent description.

How strange is this?

Robert Barish, Ph.D., CHP

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