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Mike P. Kohnen II  is the inventor, and the agent of record on the patent 

Steve Stark is a Engineer/Designer specializing in Sports/Toy Inventing. His 
claim to fame is making a glow Frisbee evidently.

If indeed the blog message was from the legitimate Steve Stark, obviously 
there is a disconnect here between the statement of  "no tritium" and the 
applicable patent disclosures.
One can only guess as to the source or reason of that disconnect.

George Dowell

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> George:
> He doesn't say that he radioactive material is fully contained, or that it 
> has no potential escape method, or that the dose at the surface in 
> undetectable. He simply denies the presence of any radioactive material. 
> Period.
> Rob
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>>Perhaps Stark is eluding to the fact that the beta particles can't 
>>the spheres. While this is true, Bremsstrahlung effects cause X-Ray
>>radiation to exist beyond the surface of any Tritium powered light source.
>>The X-Rays are of low energy, not easily detected with a standard probe, 
>>pancake type thin window probe will reveal their presence.
>>George Dowell
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>>Subject: [ RadSafe ] Litroenergy
>>> The patent information on the "new" light source can be viewed at:
>>> http://www.freshpatents.com/Long-life-self-luminous-microspheres-dt20070830ptan20070200074.php?type=description
>>> What is most interesting is the various blog postings about this 
>>> material.
>>> Of particular interest is the posting of the company's engineer, Mr.
>>> Stark, who states unequivocally that the material contains no tritium or
>>> any other radiactive material, in contradictiction to both the patent
>>> description and any logic that we on RADSAFE (or at least I) can bring 
>>> to
>>> this subject!
>>> See, for example, Steve Stark's December 11th posts at:
>>> http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/12/new_light_glows.php?q=
>>> and
>>> http://www.ecofriend.org/entry/flexible-light-source-for-247-lighting/
>>> where he emphatically denies the use of tritium or any radioactive
>>> material, despite the patent description.
>>> How strange is this?
>>> Robert Barish, Ph.D., CHP
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