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a.. RULE #1 from the radsafe Rules page> 
a.. The list is open to all points of view on radiation protection issues.

"Radiation protection" certainly encompasses First Responders, Calibration Labs, Equipment Techs, Field Operatives, Nucleonics Techs, and Apparatus Builders of all kinds, politicians, administrators, and lawyers.  It might be interesting to see where the span of interest and expertise lies within the RADSAFE listmembers ranks.

So far I've met research reactor operators, accelerator operators, theoretical physicists, chemists, RSOs, First Responders, Trainers, Nuclear Engineers, 
Calibration Lab operators, Professors, Radiologists of all types, Dean of Physics, Radon Lab operators, Radon Chamber owners, Geologists, 
Paleontologists, Oil Prospectors, Drill Rig operators and many more surprising specialists. 

Anyone caring to participate is a survey, drop me an email stating very briefly what your association with Radiation Protection is, especially whether you routinely work with spectrum analyzers, survey meters, scalers, check/calibration discs, or whatever. You don't even have to sign it or identify yourself if you don't want to. 

My gut feeling is that there are more Ludlum Measurements owners on here than Canberra Alpha Spectrometer 
owners, and more people are users of pancake probes than with liquid nitrogen cooled HPGE. Maybe not.

If there is enough participation, I'll post a summary.

George Dowell

GEOelectronics at netscape.com

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