[ RadSafe ] Cancer from cellular phones - studies by Lennart Hardell

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The long and short of it is that even if there is a radiation
(electromagnetic radiation, that is) effect from cell phones (something
that I do not feel there is strong support for), the effect is
vanishingly small in comparison to two others.

The first is the health effect of people talking on cell phones when
they should be paying attention to something else, usually driving.
Every day in the US dozens of people will be killed and hundreds injured
because of this direct health effect.  I may be underestimating this by
an order of magnitude.

The second is the health effect of people being able to summon emergency
services almost instantly, from almost anywhere.  Every day in the US
hundreds of people will have their lives saved and/or life-changing
damage prevented or lessened because of this effect.  Again, I may be
underestimating by an order of magnitude.

These are easy to document health effects, though even the antidotal
evidence is strong enough to convince most people (almost everyone is or
knows someone whose life has been changed by one or both of these
effects.  I certainly do.)  In comparison to these, the effects from
cell phone radiation doesn't fit on the same graph.  Worrying about the
radiation is like worrying about the airbag in your car accidentally
deploying, without being concerned that the brakes are shot and you need
to drive out of the way of an oncoming tornado.

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I dont know if this subject is a bit off topic. I am a radiophysist
student at Sahlgrenska akademin in Gothenburg, Sweden and i came in
contact with the name Lennart Hardell when i was studying the subject
cancer from radiation of cellular phones. I have seen a few of his
articles but i still would like to ask what you as more experienced what
you think about his studies? 

Nils Rudqvist
Student in radiophysic
Sahlgrenska Academy
Gothenburg university

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