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Hhmmmmm ... If George wants everyone to respond directly to Geo and not
to the list, perchance he is developing a mailing list? Can you say

Floyd W. Flanigan B.S.Nuc.H.P.
HP Supervisor

**nope, just trying to save bandwidth on the radsafe group. George

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From: ..... Franz Schönhofer
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Then he tried to sell used equipment on RADSAFE, later he started a "survey"
on instruments used by RADSAFErs. ?????
I have kept out of this discussion, as I did not feel I could contribute
anything positive...
But the second "classroom installment" which is raising some hackles,
triggered my curiosity as to who is our new "professor" and what are his

It seems he has stumbled onto this group and is apparently attempting to
gain some credibility by posing textbook questions, no doubt well researched
through internet mining. But this does not seem to be an effective way of
gaining credibility - rather the opposite, judging by the responses.

And to what motivation? I decided to do a little "internet mining" courtesy
of Google and find that K0FF may have something to do with a Ham Radio call
sign (as GD seems to be active in these circles},  NLNL - New London
Nucleonics Lab seems to be a private hobby shop and there is no "real"
company as GEOelectronics (at least not associated with GD) except as a
storefront for GD's principal activity, which seems to be selling used
electronic equipment and radiation meters through EBay.......
which is owned by:

But, in the spirit of full disclosure, I find another EBay seller quoting
George Dowell as "an expert on these crystals (BaF2 as a neutron

But in his defense, GD is very prompt with responses regarding detection
instruments (freely admitting he has called the sales force of the company
in question to get the information). So he is useful.....

But I wish he would not set quizzes for us, as we have plenty to do besides
going back to school.

Reminds me of one of our "experts" on DU, who for many months tried to
bamboozles us with "technical quotes....."
Doug Aitken     Cell phone: 713-562-8585
QHSE Advisor
D&M Operations Support
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

** Look at my posts, I have deliberately never mentioned my eBay store, 
which is where GEOelectronics manufactured radiation detection devices and 
apparatus for the classroom are sold.
Any -personal- items listed on RADSAFE were cleared with Marcel, and were 
offered to listmembers first at a discount before going on eBay.

Yes it is a hobby. I retired as CEO of my "real" company Viscom Inc. in 1995 
and remain the registered agent and president.

Yes I have a LOT of personally owned equipment, I love this stuff.

Nope, definitely not a lurker.If anyone is curious as to what I do and what 
I like to write about (why you would be I don't know), just search the 
internet. Use "Geo>K0FF" ( that is K-zero-FF)
or George Dowell or GEoelectronics.
 or just Geo. Hundreds of science articles, never slammed or ridiculed an 
individual for not knowing something, rather praised them for wanting to 

Or call the Lisle IL NRC office, or talk to Chuck Cain at the Texas office 
of the NRC. Better yet



Or ask me, and  I'm more than happy to talk about any radiation detection, 
gamma spectroscopy, optical, or RF related subject at 573-221-3418.\**

Ultimately, if you don't like what I say, delete it. That's what I do.

Remember radiate is about "all points of view".

I too have plenty to do, but always find time to "go back to school". Quiz 
responses revealed that not everyone already knows everything, and most are 
more than happy to learn something new or think about things in a new way. 

George Dowell
\not a Professor, but a student of science.

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