[ RadSafe ] a question about 'canary' personal dosimeters

Gary Masters gmasters at dotsplat.org
Sat Dec 22 09:56:13 CST 2007


I'll start by admitting my ignorance of the cellular
technologies deployed in Australia. However, in the USA the
predominant technologies are GSM and CDMA. It has been my
experience that handsets based on GSM technology produce more
electromagnetic interference than do those based on CDMA.

As you found one handset interfered with the canary detector
and another didn't, do you happen to know the technologies
employed by each handset?



On Thu Dec 20, 2007 at 03:49:07 +0800, Nick Tsurikov wrote:
> Dear friends,
> A weird thing happened today - I've had the canary detector right next to my
> Nokia cell phone and when it rung the detector went berserk (counted about
> 100 microSv in about 10 seconds - before I've answered the call).  Tried it
> on purpose afterwards - the same story but another ringing cell phone next
> to canary produced no effect...
> Has anyone seen anything like that before?  Should I tell people to whom I'm
> giving the dosimeters not to have close to the cell phone?
> Kind regards
> Nick Tsurikov
> Eneabba, Western Australia

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