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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
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  Yes, you are quite right.
          “All science is either physics or stamp collecting.”      Ernest. Rutherford
  Again, the quotation goes to the heart of what science, the understanding of how the universe functions.  Without and understanding, it is collection of facts and events.
  As for Dr. Long, he and I have had this discussion many times. I certainly try to show him the proper respect by using his title, which he earned.  I applauded his efforts when a number of years back to speak at a meeting of anti-nuclear people (CORE or something like that) who were protesting at one of the national labs.
  And how have my attacks been personal?  He pronounces that studies prove his beliefs, which they do not.  He cherry-picks those studies, many decades old and are questionable, that he hopes will support his position at the explusion of other studies.  If he was to protest against nuclear power, the use of depleted uranium, etc. and distrot the arguments, would you comment.  I certainly do not distort his sincerity, but do question his ability to raise the discussion about a couple of cherry-picked studies.  If you want to sit back and have a chuckle about his (or my) statements, that is fine.  However, I challenge you to find a good example where the expounding of bad science in the form of bad studies has been a good idea.
  A friend once said that he stood before a group of researchers at a meeting on the hazards of radon, and asked if any of them had such concerns that they had their houses tested.  If you hope the principle that radition (radon) is dangerous, then should you not act on it.  If you believe that radiation is so beneficial, should you not act on it?  

garyi at trinityphysics.com wrote:
      Hi John, 

  I think it was Rutherford, not Bohr. 
  "In science there is only physics; all the rest is stamp collecting."  But I will not deny that Rutherford, by saying that, made himself a bit of a boor.  Of course if you agree with him then he's just an elitist.  :) 

  Also, I urge you to lay off the ad hominem attacks.  You are not elevating yourself or your profession.  Quite the opposite. 

  -Gary Isenhower 



  On 26 Dec 2007 at 12:48, John Jacobus wrote: 

  Dr. Long, 
    Once again you confuse fact with speculation.  But that is not 
    unusual for you. 

    1.  It is interesting that 10 rem is the dose level at which no 
    affects (good or bad) have found in human populations.  How does the 
    late Dr. Luckey quantity this level with hormesis?  What benefits 
    are there, if any?  My understand that acute affects can be mediated 
    by "priming doses," but there is no benefits to subsequent cancer 
    induction in animal populations.  If this a one-time dose, what if 
    you receive 10 or 20 rem every year?  If he was such a proponent, 
    what did he do to get his hormetic dose?  Or did he think that it 
    was not important enough to receive any himself?  

    Dr. Luckey's work reminds me of Niels Bohr's old saw, that if you do 
    not study physics, you are just collecting stamps.  

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