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  I do not care if you agree or disagree with me.  You certainly do not have to actively participate in a debate to agree with one position or the other.  Again, the issue is that Dr. Long implies that he has something to offer the list that is not based on science but his beliefs.
  If you wish, continue this discussion off-list.  Obvioiusly, you feel that Dr.Long has been insulted and I curious why.  I also do not understand you first sentence.  I have never been noted for making or understanding subtle comments.  I was in the militray for 20 years, and I am sure that I intended to be rude, there would have been little doubt. I am always willing to learn, 

"Syd H. Levine" <syd.levine at mindspring.com> wrote:
  At one time or another, just about all of em.  Your assumption that I agree with you because I did not engage in active debate is one example in the email below.
  Did I offer to teach you manners?  I did not.  I work in the oilfields, and we are not noted for our good manners.  I merely suggested that you need a lesson in good manners if you believe you have not been insulting to the good doctor.
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  And what classical logical fallicies did I use?  I certainly do not equate Dr. Long with a homeopath, and I assume you do know what the difference is.  http://www.giriweb.com/luckey.htm#lsix  The idea of a priming dose is common in the study of hormetic effects.  
  I certainly have no need or desire to impress you.  I have studies the issues for many years, as I hope you have had.  Obviously, you did not have problems with my arguments or statelyments, so I assume that you agree with the gist of them.  
  If I have insulted Dr. Long, I am sure he will let me know.  I appreciate your offer, but I doubt you can teach me much about manners.  I hope that Dr. Long will have the good sense to discuss his medical conditons off-list.  

"Syd H. Levine" <syd.levine at mindspring.com> wrote:

You here engage in your typical argumentation, ripe with classical logical 
fallacies. In the end, you equate Dr. Long with a homeopath, a philosophy 
I have never seen him espouse. Impressive that you are familiar with the 
Arndt-Schulz rule.

Dr. Long does not deserve your continued insulting comments. And if you do 
not believe you are insulting Dr. Long, you need a lesson in good manners.

And Dr. Long, why do you take coumadin? I was on Plavix, but Dr. Wayne 
insisted the blood thinners are grossly over-prescribed. I am wondering why 
you would take such a powerful one.

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