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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
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  Thanks for the reminder about the subject line.  I am getting lazy about changing the topic thread, and apologize.
  I also agree with your comments about the homesis topic.

Bjorn Cedervall <bcradsafers at hotmail.com> wrote:
a/ Please keep the off topic stuff under a different subject line or in a separate forum.

b/ All so-called "hormetic" responses should be interpreted under the larger heading of adaption and evolutionary biology. This way it becomes easier to understand the underlying mechanisms. The mechanisms of evolution are usually not nice to individuals (selection against the least fit is rather brutal) - the only thing that counts in the long run is the survival of the species.
For example: A cell that begins dividing after being irradiated probably just shows a stress response to reproduce so that at least some of its decendent cells survive - that is not about the irradiated cell being more "healthy".

For each phenomenon that has been named "hormetic" - just ask this question: What are the good/bad effects on the individual vs. the gene pool level? If we systematically go through this question for each phenomenon much more can be understood - then focus on the leftover.

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