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Dr. Long,
  I guess that your continual, personal attacks are due to your frustration with your inability to convince me that you are right.  However, the truth behind the analyzes of these studies stand by themselves.  You cannot sway me with bad science.  If you are unable to understand the science and the epidemiology, there is little I can do.
  I do not take you insults personally, and wish you and your family the best in the New Year.
howard long <hflong at pacbell.net> wrote:
          Cameron's NSWS analysis, Cohen's radon study, and the Taiwan apt epidemiology were not "flawed"
  but objective and consistent with animal experiments like Bobby Scott's.
  John Jacobus, activist for big government, regulation and taxes ,
  delays cheap, safe, clean energy. Ted Rockwell's book has a graph showing 
  the cost and delays for nuclear plants exploding with the over-regulation.
  Viva hormesis and revival of nuclear energy (waylaid by Jacobus' and others politics)!
Happy New Year.
  Howard Long
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Dr. Long,
  Again, the NSWS was found to be flawed, and almost 20 years old.  (Do you have anyting new?) Again, I can send you the reference.  You chose to ignore the healthy worker effect and the fact that the control group was "sicker" than the public.  Even the most basic detains see to escape you.

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-- John
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