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The  latest story about the liquids attempted to produce explosives on the 
airplane  as published in Great Britain has since led to some chaos at European  
airports, of which I was many times affected last year. Women had to discard  
their very expensive perfumes, children had to discard their
Coke, tooth  paste, hand moisturing cremes etc. etc. had to be discarded. 
After the  control, big signs advertised, that all parfumes, beverages, tooth 
pastes,  cremes etc. could be paid at the shops in this  area......

Mr. Schoenhofer (as you seemingly would prefer to be address I hope I  
spelled it right and that you are acceptable to this salutation?)

In respect to the above comment I'd like to know YOUR qualifications in the  
area of binary (or more) chemical explosives? 
Thank you.
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