AW: AW: [ RadSafe ] New Airport X-Rays Scan Bodies, Not Just Bags

Steven Dapra sjd at
Sun Mar 4 00:13:33 CST 2007

March 3

         The September 11 terrorists were not sub-human.  They were humans 
--- morally depraved humans.  (Yes, I used the "m" word.)

Steven Dapra

At 02:47 AM 3/4/07 +0000, Sandy Perle wrote:
>Your comment regarding the 9/11 murders, questioning an American who 
>believes that this type of a person, not a Nationality or condemnation of 
>a group, but a statement of fact that any individual who can murder 
>thousands of innocent individuals, is simply amazing. Your comment is akin 
>to blaming society for this murderous act. Instead of making statements 
>that imply acceptance of this despicable act, as well as every suicide 
>attack, wherever it occurs, you should condem them, and accept the fact 
>that anyone who can do this in the name of whatever God they think 
>condones their mass murder, that they are sub-human, without a soul, period.
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