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Wes Van Pelt WesVanPelt at verizon.net
Sun Mar 4 13:35:39 CST 2007

The article pasted below claims to announce a new type of radiation
detector. Does anyone know the details? 

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Positron Corporation (OTCBB: POSC) (the Company), a developer and
manufacturer of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) medical devices,
announced today that through its subsidiary developed intellectual property
in the field of solid state photo detection and its applications. The
Company has four patents pending covering the design and construction of
medical diagnostic molecular imaging scanners and radiation detection
scanners for homeland security with its new class of solid state
photodetectors. The compact, low-cost photodetectors have increased
sensitivity that can detect a single quantum of light and may significantly
reduce the cost of future PET scanners while improving spatial resolution
and portability. Solid state photodetectors are the key component in the
development of compact organ-specific PET scanners and effective radiation
detection devices for monitoring of radiation proliferation by parties
unfriendly to national security interests. The Company's research and
development projects were conducted at facilities across North America with
the participation of a team of collaborating scientists directed by Dr.
Irving Weinberg. Dr. Weinberg is Chief Scientific Officer of the Positron
research and development subsidiary. 

The miniaturization afforded with this solid state photodetector technology
is designed as the evolution of positron emission technologies that will
enable the development of the next generation of efficient and economical
full-body scanning devices, integrated PET/MRI scanners and the development
of a single-use organ specific low-cost camera that can be disposed of after
a single medical procedure. 

The homeland security application is based on the ability to build a small
transportable device using the compact solid state technology to detect very
low levels of radiation emitted by illicit radioactive materials from a

Dr. Irving Weinberg stated: "The solid state photodetectors will allow us to
build radiation detection systems with high sensitivity. In new medical
diagnostic nuclear imaging systems it will allow reduced patient radiation
exposure because of lower radiopharmaceutical dosage, while in the homeland
security application, a small radiation event can be detected from a
substantial distance".

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