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Video - Radioactive Penalty AEA fined £250,000 for HSE breach

Published: 20 Feb 2006 
By: Darshna Soni 

AEA Technology admitted breaching health and safety and radioactive material regulations and was fined £250,000. 

Special video report at 


More details page 3.4 Regulatory Issues page 8  at http://www.aeat.co.uk/documents/2005-06_SHE_Report.pdf

Action by Regulators 
The Health and Safety Executive and the Department for Transport took AEA

Technology to court following their investigation of an incident at Cookridge Hospital,

Leeds in March 2002. In the incident, a team from the Safeguard International

Business of AEA used an incorrectly assembled transport container to move a large

radioactive source. In preparing the container for transport, their radiation

monitoring was inadequate and they failed to detect a narrow beam of radiation that

was emitted from the base of the container. AEA Technology pleaded guilty to six

charges at the Leeds Crown Court in February 2006, and was fined £250,000 and

ordered to pay £151,000 costs [AEA Technology sold Safeguard International to

Coller Capital in October 2005].

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